Meeting in Athens, Greece, Thursday-Friday April 28 – 29, 2022
THURSDAY April 28th 

12:00 LUNCH

13:00   Welcome and Introduction;  Lutz Frölich, Frank Jessen, Nick Scarmeas                                                                               

13:10   Host lectures on special topics  Moderator: Frank Jessen

Junior Researchers Lectures

  • Frailty in a community geriatric population: cognitive and other aspects. [10 min + 5 min discussion]
    Eva Ntanasi, PhD, Neuropsychologist, Aiginition Hospital Cognitive Disorders Clinic
  • Cognitive dysfunction in Parkinsonian disorders including prodromal Parkinson’s disease [20 min + 5 min discussion]

Senior Researcher Lecture

  • Blood based biomarkers: an update [30 min + 10 min discussion]
    Oskar Hanson, MD, Clinical Memory Research Unit, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, Memory Clinic, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden

14:30   EADC Symposium on Life-style factors and Cognition, Moderator: Nick Scarmeas

  • Sleep and Cognitive dysfunction: biological and clinical aspects [15 min + 10 min discussion]
    Elissaios Karageorgiou, MD, Global Brain Health Institute fellow, Neurological Institute of Athens.
  • Cognitive Reserve related lifestyle aspects and cognition [15 min + 10 min discussion]
    Robert Perneczky: Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Hospital, Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität München, Munich, Germany; German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) Munich, Munich, Germany; Ageing Epidemiology (AGE) Research Unit, School of Public Health, Imperial College, London, UK

15:20 COFFEE break, Moderator: Lutz Frölich

15.50  EADC Presentation

  • ARIA in Alzheimer’s disease and under treatment with amyloid antibodies [15 min + 10 min discussion]
    Fabrizio Piazza, MD, CAA and AD Translational Research and Biomarkers Lab, School of Medicine, University of Milano-Bicocca

16:15  Roche sponsored Scientific Session – Update on Gantenerumab Clinical Program – Skyline Clinical Trial

  • Introduction [5 min] – Antoine Chevrette – Roche GMCL
  • From Scarlet to Graduate and beyond – Update on gantenerumab in early AD [15 min] – Dr Timo Grimmer – Germany
  • The Skyline study – Gantenerumab in participants at-risk of or at the earliest stage of AD [15 min] – Dr Pierre Jean Ousset – France Q&A  

17:00   Closing day

(EADC Executive Committee meeting 17:00 – 18:00)

19:30  DINNER

FRIDAY April 29th

08:30 COFFEE

09:00    EADC related completed or almost completed projects (10 min each + 3min discussion)

  • Introduction on intersocietal efforts to harmonise patient assessment Giovanni Frisoni
  • European intersocietal consensus on biomarker-based diagnosis of MCI Flavio Nobili
  • Real world outcome measures in Alzheimer Pieter Jelle Visser
  • EAN Guideline on management of dementia Kristian Steen     Frederiksen
  • Harmonization of EADC neuropsychological battery Marina Boccardi
  • EADB Augustin Ruiz Laza

10:20   Updates: EADC related ongoing/upcoming projects (10 min each)

  • AmyPad Pieter Jelle Visser
  • RADAR-AD Casper de Boer
  • EPND Pieter Jelle Visser
  • PMI-AD  Milica Kramberger
  • ADDITION Milica Kramberger
  • TIMING  Rune Nielsen

11:30 COFFEE break

12:00   Upcoming calls                                                                      

New IHI (previous IMI) call – JPND and other calls Pieter Jelle Visser

12:10   EADC – Pharma relations Frank Jessen

Open Discussion

12:40   Other EADC issues Lutz Frölich

Membership, bank account, change of leadership

12:45   Next meetings, Summary & Closing  Nick Scarmeas, Lutz Frölich & Frank Jessen

13:00 LUNCH

Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, Monday-Tuesday Sept 26 – 27, 2022
Monday September 26th 

10:00   EADC Executive Committee meeting (Hotel)

11:15   Bus transportation from Elite Palace Hotel Sankt Eriksgatan 115 to Huddinge

Meeting Venue:  NEO building, Blickagången 16, Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge

12:00 LUNCH

13:00   Welcome and introduction,  Frank Jessen, Lutz Frölich, Bengt Winblad

13:10   Host lectures (Stockholm), Moderator:  Lutz Frölich

Junior researcher lectures

  • Konstantinos Chiotis. The potential clinical use of Tau-PET [10 min + 5 min discussion]
  • Sophia Schedin Weiss. Glycans measured in blood and CSF for early detection of AD [10 min + 5 min discussion]

Senior researcher lecture

  • Eric Westman. Unraveling the heterogeneity in AD and other neurodegenerative disorders with neuroimaging [15 min + 5 min discussion]

14:00   EADC Symposium on biological subtypes of AD, Moderator: Gunhild Waldemar

  • Giovanni Frisoni: The probabilistic model of AD [15 min + 5 min discussion] remote
  • Alfredo Ramirez: Senescense mechanisms in AD [15 min + 5 min discussion] remote
  • Pieter-Jelle Visser: Proteomic subtypes of AD [15 min + 5 min discussion]

Discussion: What are the implications for drug development [30 min], Moderator: Gunhild Waldemar

15:30 COFFEE break

16:00   Industry presentation, 30 min + 15 min each, Moderator: Frank Jessen

  • BioArctic: Title TBD. Lars Lannfelt
  • Combinostic: Title TBD. Richard Hausmann/Lennart Thurfjell

17:30   Closing day 1

17:30 Bus transport for dinner incl scientific pres at M/S Östanå, Nybroviken

Tuesday September 27th  

Meeting venue: Nobel Forum, Solnavägen 1, Karolinska Institutet, Solna

Closed EADC members meeting 09:00 – 10:00

09:00    EADC internal issues and report from the steering committee, Moderator: Frank Jessen

  • Finance, membership fee, industry fee Lutz
  • Office Milica
  • Website Frank
  • EADC logo Milica
  • EADC activities for young investigators Sebastiaan, Merce
  • Next meeting site Frank
  • Other issues Frank

Presentation of new centers (15 minutes each) Pat

  • Sebastiaan Engelborghs – new Centre: Bru-BRAIN (Brussels Integrated Center for Brain and Memory, Brussels, Belgium
  • Emma Law – update on EADC Centre Perth, Scotland
  • Stanislav Sutovsky new Centre (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Ansgar Felbecker (and Thomas Schneider) new Centre (Kantonsspital St Gallen, Switzerland)

11:00 COFFEE break

11:30    EADC related projects (7 min each + 3min discussion), Moderator: Lutz Frölich

  • Real world outcome measures in Alzheimer Pieter Jelle
  • AMYPAD Pieter Jelle
  • RADAR-AD Pieter Jelle
  • EPND Peter Jelle
  • EADB Agustin
  • PreAdapt Agustin
  • PIMI-AD Milica
  • ADDITION Linus
  • Position statement on anti-amyloid therapy Kristian

13:00   New EADC – projects Frank

  • Open Discussion

13:15  Next meetings, Summary & Closing Frank & Lutz


  1. PJ Ousset
  2. Frank Jessen
  3. Merce Boada
  4. Vanesa Pytel
  5. Amanda Cano
  6. Xavier Morató
  7. Mario Ricciardi
  8. Chris Butler
  9. Bengt Winblad
  10. Lutz Froelich
  11. Nikolaos Scarmeas
  12. Milica G Kramberger
  1. Gunilla Johansson
  2. Phillip Schelltens
  3. Jean Georges
  4. Adrian Ivanoiu
  5. Patrick Kehoe
  6. Carina Wattmo
  7. Sebastiaan Engelborghs
  8. Amber Nous
  9. Gunhild Waldemar
  10. Kristian Steen Frederiksen
  11. Thomas Rune Nielsen
  12. Lefkos Middleton
  13. Frederika Ribaldi
  1. Giovanni Frisoni
  2. Kloeppel Stefan
  3. Timo Grimmer
  4. Alejandro Garza
  5. Lucrezia Hausner
  6. Teipel Stefan
  7. Patrizia Meccoci
  8. Marina  Boban
  9. Oliver Peters
  10. Niels Prins
  11. Didem Öz
  12. Katy Brem
  13. Domenico Plantone
  14. Eva Županič